Biotin 5mg Tablets 60’s


Elkos Vivede Biotin 5mg Tablets 60’s


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Elkos Vivede Biotin 5mg Tablets 60’s

  • For healthy skin, strong hair and firm fingernails


Composition: 1 tablet contains: 5mg biotin.
Other ingredients: Glycerol (mono/di/tri), alkanoat (C14- C18) (15:12:73); microcrystalline cellulose; Lactose monohydrate; Povidon K 25; Crospovidone (Typ A); Poly (O-Carboxymethyl), Sodium, magnesium stearate
Contains lactose

How to Use

Usage instructions:

Dosage and directions for use: Take 1 tablet daily, unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor.


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